Saturday, March 15, 2014

The 1975 in Manchester, England in 2012, The 1975 is an unsigned indie rock band that consists of four members: Matthew “Matty” Healy on vocals and guitar; Adam Hann on guitar; Ross MacDonald on bass; and George Daniel on drums. They released their debut album “The 1975″ on September 2, 2013. If you like the Arctic Monkeys or the Black Keys, chances are you’ll like this band.

Matty (as Matthew is referred to by band mates and fans) has a unique voice carrying unheard tunes and melodies. Their music is definitely uncommon with a mellow indie-rock vibe. If you can’t understandwhat Matty says as he sings, don’t worry. “You’re not the only ones,” a tweet from the band jokingly said.

Their debut, self-titled album has a lot of great songs, but my favorite out of the songs is “Chocolate.” Based on the lyrics, I can guess that the theme of the song is about smoking marijuana. The song is catchy and starts with a crescendo of a slight tambourine. There’s a slight break where the guitar and the bass begin their looped progressions. The song really shows off what Matty can do with his voice and highlights the sound of the band as a whole.

“They’re unique. I love how do can hear their accents when they sing.  What’s great is that their songs are catchy, but not in a bad way,” said Junior Alexandra Salguiero.

Their album not only has self-written songs, but it also has a cover of the song “The City” by Ed Sheeran. “The City” is another song that highlights how unique The 1975′s sound is compared to those already out there. It opens with a simple drum beat and keeps it that way through most of the first voice. Again, Matty’s voice is highlighted against the simple and catchy instrumental. The instrumental is creatively put together make it sound giving it a busy sound without making it overly chaotic.

The 1975 is an unsigned indie rock band who is just starting to gain fame for the music that they make. They have catchy tunes and great vibes that anyone would like to listen to.

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