Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Avion Roe

http://www.spirit-of-rock.com/les%20goupes/A/Avion%20Roe/pics/logo.jpgFormed in Dallas, Texas in January 2011, Avion Roe has taken the underground rock scene by storm. The band is comprised of four members: Josh Cutlip (drummer), Evan Couture (lead singer), Jordan Modro (guitarist), and Sean Humphrey (bassist). Avion Roe has gained a large following over the past few years, and I’ve had the pleasure of watching their fame grow since the beginning. They have one full length album and two singles currently out. A second album is still in the works, hopefully being released sometime in 2014.

“The Art of Fiction” Avion Roe’s first album. One of the most well-known songs is “Who I Am. . .”. It starts off with a simple guitar rift. Add in the drums and bass by both Josh and Sean, respectively, a few seconds later and you can already have an upbeat and catchy song. Evan’s voice adds to the mix carrying a lovely melody over the already great beat. The chorus brings the rock vibe back in with heavy drums, bass, and guitar. The song slows for the bridge before picking up for the last chorus.

Another well-known song is “The Difference Between Us.” It is a song that shows the diversity that Avion Roe has in its music. It’s a slow song with a solitary guitar at its introduction. Evan sings over this guitar with a mellow voice full of emotion. Guitar (Jordan), drums (Josh) and bass (Sean) lift the song, giving it a dream-like quality. The bridge is comprised of singing the same line until leading into the third verse. The song ends with the repetition of the line “You’re not who I thought you’d be,” fading out with the outro.

Avion Roe Band Picture
Picture of the band from their Instagram
My favorite song, however, would have to be “Hollow Hearts.” It’s the first song I heard by them back in 2011 and I fell in love with it almost immediately. It has a similar intro as “The Difference Between Us”: a guitar and Evan’s voice, but it picks up in tempo a lot earlier on. This song really highlights the band’s talents and the band’s sound.

Avion Roe recently announced their new album titled “In Separation.” We’ve heard a few previews of how it’s going to sound with the songs “The Escape” (which has a 3-D music video, making them the first unsigned band to have a 3-D music video) and “Skin Deep (Adderall).” They’ve released behind the scenes videos on their Instagram (@AvionRoe) and have tweeted a lot about it on their Twitter (@AvionRoe). This is the most excited I’ve been over the release of a band’s album since Black Veil Bride’s “Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones.”

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